Saturday, June 18, 2011

Reverse Planet Alignment

OK, know the saying... "If the planet's align correctly then..." such as "If the planet's align correctly I'll be able to drop the dog off at the vet, get child #1 to school, buy the perfect shoes for the party that is tonight, get a bikini wax, and tidy the house in time to make it back to the school play at 1:30." Well I've discovered that there is a force in the universe that aligns planets to pull against you and create the perfect storm.

Evening out should have gone like this... 1-5:45 meet for dinner at GReAT restaurant King's Kitchen (discussion on that at a later date) 2-Go to the Filmore to hear Matt Kearney play! (yea) 3- depending on what time concert was over MAYBE grab a drink somewhere on the way home 4-Arrive with the teenage sitter having decided to clean the house after my angel children went to bed on time and without any incidents.

Summer Night

Instead this is how it went... 1-5:45 meet for dinner at GReAT restaurant King's Kitchen (so far so good) 2 - 7:25 Left for the concert. Filmore is not where we thought it was. We weren't lost exactly but just not at the Filmore. After asking help for a lovely local to the First Ward of Charlotte, we make it to the Filmore (super great venue). Confused by the age of the crowd, not just young but looked like many still needed babysitters. But excited so sort of glossed over it... 3 - 8:15 Get a drink WAY too easily (should have been a clue) 4 - 8:30 Standing in the crowd a sweet girl next to us announces that Matt Kearney has already played and we are patiently waiting for a group called Owl City

5 - While still reeling from having missed a concert that must have been five minutes long right when the doors opened at 7:00, the electronic pop sensation that recorded Fireflies begins. 4 - 9:00 decided we'd had enough of the music but stayed a couple of minutes to see how long this young girl could hold a plastic owl up to tower above the crowd. To my knowledge she made it the whole hour. Impressive! 6 - BRIGHT SPOT! Got free tacos and burritos from the TacoBell bus that is traveling the country. 7 - 10:30 Attempted to find a fun spot to have a beer, visit with our friends and laugh about the evening. Three bars later due to drinking contest, country music and just general interest in the atmosphere. We ended up at a local hotel bar. Nice jazz, great drinks, created our own seating and all was looking up... UNTIL 8 - The fire alarm starts going off and we have to evacuate!!!!! 

At that point I decided that the Universe wanted me to go home and write about learning when to say UNCLE! And to realize that it really was a fun and funny evening. I loved hanging out with my old friends and making some great new friends and get a little glimpse of what makes a 13 year old girl dance and sing at the top of her lungs!

Back to experiencing that go with the flow thing...

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  1. These kind of evenings are always the ones you remember :) Lovely meeting you guys and look forward to the next happy misadventure!