Friday, December 30, 2011

I'm Giving Away through BUBBYANDBEAN

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Favorites.... just a few days late!!!

Sorry for the delay of this posting. I've been neck deep in "Nutcracker-world" since last Monday... 
This "Favorites" entry is shining a strong spotlight on one amazing company instead of a few items that I love. I must disclose that I have purchased their hats and know how incredible they are -

My Favorite is (drumroll).....
Jannio is a collaboration of two women artists living and working in the French countryside near Bordeaux.  Dear friends, Isabelle is a schoolteacher and Janine is an English expatriate and textile artist.  The felting of wool is an ancient art, updated by Janine and Isabelle with the technique of nuno-felting, which adds silk or another delicate fabric between the merino layers, allowing the subtle pattern of the fabric to show through.  Jannio uses the softest and finest merino to create these wearable works of art.  A full line of their chic rasta caps, lovely hats, and darling berets featuring girls' faces can be found at Tea with Gigi on facebook.  

Contact Lara for pricing and more information.  
352-315-1122 <tel:352-315-1122> 
The latest styles at

Isabelle and Janine themselves.  Isabelle is a French woman and schoolteacher who taught Janine, an English textile artist, the ancient art of felting and nunofelting.  I will forward you what I wrote in a brochure I just made for my stores that sell their hats.
The hats are fun and beautiful and whimsical and just, well, perfect. They have a style for everyone and will even create them for people like me with a big melon! They also accommodate very curly, thick hair so that you don't get unsightly hat-head! Did I mention they are French? Well they are, and that makes them even more chic in my opinion. Here are a few of their lovelies but be sure to check out their entire collection. Deck yourself out for the holidays!

The Colette rasta by Jannio of France in soft felted merino.  The pattern of the fabric can be seen subtly and blends beautifully with the fuzzy merino.  Warm, soft, lightweight, and chic, Colette is a hat that will turn heads.

 In creamy white with tiny grey pindots, the Maybelle rasta is lightweight, ultrasoft, and warm.  A chic felted flower dresses up Maybelle and has all eyes on you.  A winter hat from Jannio of France.

In incredibly soft felted merino with needlefelted touches, Scarlett & Her Red Bird is adorable coming and going.  A warm and luscious winter hat, Scarlett is lightweight enough for Southern climates and warm enough for Northern states.   

Contact Lara for pricing and more information.  
352-315-1122 <tel:352-315-1122> 

The latest styles at 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday House Cleaning

I get very reflective this time of year. I guess everyone does, or at least hope that they do. The closets get over hauled, the exercise route gets tweaked, the general life wellness plan gets put on paper. Some, or all, of these may just be a fleeting fancy that doesn't stick... but some does and that can be life altering.

I've decided that my photography needs a little kick in the pants, so I'm having a sale in my shop on etsy. I'm looking at it as a "clean house" time. Let go of the images that need retired and start some new series that stretch my creative skills. So, let me know what you think. What images work for you, and by WORK, I mean make you think, feel, do something both good and bad. I have always felt that art should make you feel something, talk about something. The pieces that don't get to feel the love are going to be thanked for their loyalty and archived in the portfolio.

Thanks for your help with this cleansing process. I've always been bad at editing myself. And have a great time with your own reflecting or purging, or maybe a bit of both.

xo - h

Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Favorites Time Again

Some are etsians and some are just super cool things that would be perfect for a gift for a loved one OR a "from Me to Moi" gift for those of you that KNOW you have be EXTRA special but a bit under appreciated this year!

#1 The Prettiest Jump Rope EVER

#2 A beautiful boat to sail away in by Ann Wood
  This is the eleventh in a small series of signed and numbered paper mache sailboats made from recycled cardboard (mostly cereal boxes), newspaper, vintage buttons and found and salvaged fabric. Each boat comes with 2 merry wobbler passengers and a bit of ballast for smooth sailing. Measures approximately 10 X 12 inches.
#3 Meet Me in Paris Bracelet

One of many fantastic designs by
You can even order custom designs of ALL of your boyfriends to wear all together or one at a time.

around $48.00

#4 Recycled Pencils by Write with Moxie
In this day and time of ever expanding, there is something very special about putting pencil to paper. The idea of having the ideas and creativity pour out of you in your own handwriting is a beautiful thing that I think should be preserved.

These are the ideas I took into consideration when starting Write with Moxie. By putting our own take on an ordinary pencil, we hope to bring back to art of writing in a modern eco-friendly way.

#5 The Lampshade for the "COOL FRIENDS" house
By designer Kate Boyce
Inspired by a light hearted look at the suburban landscape of Middle-England.
The designs are a combination of photographic imagery with scans of floral fabric from the 70’s and 80’s. The designs are printed with fade resistant inks on a high quality tear-proof paper which allows light to filter through beautifully. Finished with a protective polymer lacquer to deter dust and allow gentle sponge cleaning and topped of with a velvet trim over a professional rolled edge binding.

Large size - 45cm in diameter. 32cm high.


#6 Then there is always a great piece of art... It doesn't have to be expensive and it is such a wonderfully personal and can be intimate gift. For example there is "The Butterfly Releaser" by Elle Moss that makes you think and discuss and wonder...

Or one that takes you away from a cold dreary day in the depths of winter and reminds you that summer will arrive again...
It just so happens to be taken by me. It's ok to like your own work sometimes! It's titled Escape and can take you to a white sandy beach in the Bahamas if you squint just right.

So enjoy these few trinkets that will make your holidays brighter and have a wonderful weekend!