Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Etsy Treasure Hunters

There is a really fun blog that posts treasuries from etsy that they find particularly interesting and always cool. They selected one of mine this week. Thought I'd give a shout-out and say thanks.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Interview with ShabbyLife

I did an interview with Shabby Life Blog that was just posted this morning. It was a really fun experience. Take a look at it and keep checking we're going to be having a special give-away coming up soon. I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks so much to Shabby Life it was a blast and FYI I've been shooting film again!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Special thanks to J.K.Rowling...

I must admit to being a Harry Potter fanatic. I love the books, the movies, the history of it, the theme park, the idea of a wizarding world co-existing with us muggles (told you so). I just took my husband to see Part 2 last night in 3D. Most of the time I don't get the reason for 3D, but last night I totally get it. Well worth the extra money, and since I have seen the 2D version already I feel I can be an authority on the subject. Ok... sorry, went off on a bit of an "Ooh Shiny!" tangent. 

I'm so amazed at how Ms. Rowling was able to create the series. The amount of thought and planning that went into the series is incredible and a bit awe inspiring. It has gripped me for over ten years and I'm a bit older than the average fan so I can only imagine the amount of love a fan that had the great fortune to grow up with Harry and the gang must feel. Bravo to the Harry Potter cast and especially to Ms. Rowling! and thank you for giving me something that I can enjoy reading with my 8 year old as much as I did the first time I read it 10 years ago.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Long live the Disposable Underwater Camera

We just returned from a vacation in Florida with my parents, sister and three nephews, and my daughters. The first leg of vacation was at Sanibel Island, FL. Great little area on the west coast of FL just south of Ft Myers. It's days full of beach, pool, games, fishing, shelling and lots of sun! The kids ages range from 11 down to 4. All can swim and love to! While doing THE grocery run when we got to the beach I came across the disposable underwater camera. Promptly purchased five of them and off they went to record their day. They love the freedom and novelty of taking pictures underwater and I love to see what they feel is important to document. I won't show you the full 150 images but here are my top favs. 


All images in this posting are from my two daughters and three nephews with the timeless underwater disposable camera!

My favorite part of the whole experience was their fascination with the negatives when I got them developed. They didn't know what they were! WOW times change fast... sometimes not for the better. Don't get me wrong digital is amazing... but my love for film photography runs deep. I must begin my education of the joy of film photography to  my artistic offspring after I unpack.

The Weather is Here... I wish you were beautiful (from jimmy buffett)

Back from a two week stint in Florida. Did you miss me?!
by Harper D 2011
taken with fabulous underwater disposable camera

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Vegan WARNING!!! Look away... July 4th is coming

It dawned on me while marinating our 4 slabs of ribs to celebrate the country's birthday celebration that this holiday is definitely NOT geared to Vegetarians but especially vegans. Think about it for just a second... what's the first thing you think of to have for the 4th of July? BBQ Chicken? Hamburgers? Hotdogs? in our case my special ribs! 

Some how a Tofu burger just doesn't seem quite right to mark the Founding Father's Feat of Independence!!! Well, happy birthday to everyone (even my vegan friends!) 
Have a very Happy Independence Day!!