Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday House Cleaning

I get very reflective this time of year. I guess everyone does, or at least hope that they do. The closets get over hauled, the exercise route gets tweaked, the general life wellness plan gets put on paper. Some, or all, of these may just be a fleeting fancy that doesn't stick... but some does and that can be life altering.

I've decided that my photography needs a little kick in the pants, so I'm having a sale in my shop on etsy. I'm looking at it as a "clean house" time. Let go of the images that need retired and start some new series that stretch my creative skills. So, let me know what you think. What images work for you, and by WORK, I mean make you think, feel, do something both good and bad. I have always felt that art should make you feel something, talk about something. The pieces that don't get to feel the love are going to be thanked for their loyalty and archived in the portfolio.

Thanks for your help with this cleansing process. I've always been bad at editing myself. And have a great time with your own reflecting or purging, or maybe a bit of both.

xo - h