Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!
My husband is a baby tosser. He is non-discriminating on the age of the Tossee, as long as his back can take it. So be forewarned if you have a baby around him, he will try to toss it. I will say that the kids LOVE it! Most moms not so much. We have had MANY "Discussions" about this in our existence together. I've finally resigned myself to just warning unknowing parents with babies around us. 
This is a picture of my daughter Vivien being tossed by my husband. At least they were in a pool! This always makes me laugh....

It's hard to be a Dad, or a parent for that matter. I've been fortunate to know some REALLY great Dads, and can say with authority that I'm married to a REALLY great Dad. So to honor him, Here are a few pictures of the great Dads of his family.

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  1. Your husband? He's alright.

    Great baby toss photo.