Monday, February 1, 2016

Teens with Something To SAY

Teenagers today get such a bad-rap. They are perceived as only interested in themselves and whatever is on their phone. Society seems to think that the only thing on teenagers' phones are a time vortex of facebook,vine, video games and texting. I'm not saying that those things are prevalent in their lives, but maybe, just maybe, they are doing something expressive. I'm a big supporter of Instagram. I love when a teenager looks beyond selfies and starts expressing themselves with creative composition found or created from the world around them. Phones can be a great vehicle for teenagers to look and record beyond themselves, they just need the right tools and motivations. The problem is that you are limited with the a phone's capability when it comes to photography.

A real camera and some basic knowledge of photography and artistic composition can be an amazing tool in the right young, creative hands.I've been thinking that an FUN teen photography workshop could be a great way to get teenagers thinking about CREATING SOMETHING not just taking pictures of themselves. Here are some photographs from my first guinea pig Teen Photography Safari.

The plan is to meet up, chat about photography a bit and then wander around taking pictures and practicing the way we see the world around us. Exploring how to record what they see and make suggestions for more creative compositions or techniques that they could use to develop a unique photographic voice. Please email me or comment and let me know you are interested in the schedule and idea updates as they develop.

This Teen Photography Safari was within two blocks of the Green Uptown. 
Taken without post-processing by Vivien.

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