Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Favorite Things Weekend

I was recently asked by one of my "FF's" to post some of my FAVORITES, much like Oprah but I'm not going to be sending you to Rome to pick up your new turquoise Fiat. I'm just going to let you know some of my newest finds that have lived up to the hype in my mind....

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist
-Jurlique is this really great company that has been using all natural ingredients before it was cool, as well as developing 95% recyclable packaging and a commitment to reducing their carbon footprint as well as utilizing sustainable ingredients. The best part?! Their products are amazing! This one in no exception. It's a spritzer to calm the skin while delivering a refreshing wake-up to your whole out look on life... think "stop and smell the roses" on your face as you walk to work seeing the world through rose colored glasses!

Then there's my LONG time favorite
MARVIS ginger toothpaste
-You feel like you got your teeth cleaned at the dentist every morning and night with this amazing toothpaste. It comes in jasmine, mint, lavender and ginger. I've tried them all, ginger is the superior flavor in my opinion. Can be hard to find but recently is available through Amazon. Get the travel size first if you don't trust me, then you'll order it by the case like I do now. I've actually given it as birthday presents before.

Now the last entry for this weekend...
THE perfect handbag from Carolyn at LAResident on etsy
This amazing bag comes is so well designed and comes in incredible colors! Oh, did I mention that the belt buckle on the front is changeable? I prefer the beetles, but I do own an orange star to go on my LIME green purse. Cannot say enough about this one. I got mine in June and have not used any other bag since.