Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Etsy Artists Du Jour

I recently have be REALLY looking at the artists' work on etsy. There is some serious talent out there. So I thought I'd feature a few today and show you what I feel is so amazing.

Matthew Bull at from Folkestone, England. He has a gorgeous view of the world and it shows a thoughtfulness and serenity. 
Lost in the Memories of the Sands

The next is an adorable mug by Lisa Townley at She creates these thoughtfully useful items that will make you smile on a regular basis and it doesn't get much better than that especially if it's FULL of fabulous coffee! Yes, I do love me a good cup o' joe in the morning, or really any time of day.
caffeine mug

Ok, and finally just in time for holidays and deck the halls and kissing pretty girls under the mistletoe I bring you and owner, NancyAndrews creating beautifully sparkly and refreshing things for your holiday season. These acorns or just divine and a must have! Yes, I said it, a MUST HAVE!
Set of 30 acorn bowl fillers