Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We All Could Do More #2

Periodically, I think we all need reminded...
I know that a little reminder every once in a while of how fortunate I am. I have beautiful, healthy children, a wonderful husband that I still adore 18  years after our first date, a budding career that I love, I'm healthy, my family (for the most part) is healthy and loving, and I have the most fabulous friends on the planet! So, when Susan threw out that she was looking for an image to donate and create into a limited edition notecard set where all of the proceeds will go to the Somalia Relief Fund, I was all for it. I just got the link yesterday that they are up and ready for purchase. 
If you don't help here, just help someone today either financially or physically. Appreciate how fortunate you are!

Blank Notecards, 100% to Somalia famine relief, 3 sets of 4 cards each, different pics, different photographers, matching envelopes SET ABC