Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Got Grass?!

I do!!!!!!!

Fall Cleaning

I've never had the opportunity to start completely from scratch in my yard. I've redone flower beds or added some shrubs or even a tree or two but never from scratch. This is, until now! We have needed to deal with the grass forever because, let's be honest, it was really green weeds. Hard to keep under control so it didn't look like a yard of weeds! AND the flower beds and shrub line have always been way over crowded and VERY over-grown... that was the past.

We have been killing our grass and weeds for the past 5 weeks. Our landscapers came in last Thursday and plucked the HUGE overgrown shrubs out with this incredible machine that took all of 30 minutes to completely delete all that was there. (would have taken me a month and would still not have been great!) Then they redefined everything to make it sharp and clean, spread an entire truck load of mulch in 2 hours and made my yard free of ankle twisting divets and ruts the deer have decided were needed in the yard. 

Today I get new grass, real grass, weed free grass! Gorgeous shrubs of my choosing and no leaks in the sprinkler system. It's like a cleanse for me mentally that the yard is simple and fresh and clean. And mine (well, ours, but really mine)

Here is the blank slate...
I think where I'm going with all of this is it's nice to every once in awhile Start From Scratch and make it how you have in your head. It's very satisfying.