Friday, September 9, 2011

Congrats! Deanna

I want to send out a special congrats to Deanna. She WON the moderntypography giveaway! Through much soul searching she settled on "Are You My Mother?" as her prize. I hope she enjoys her print. It's one of my favorites. We were in the mountains of North Carolina driving around a windy road and there was the sweetest looking calf. I jumped out to take her picture then realized that the Mom between me and the baby was even sweeter looking.  So enjoy, Deanna! and thanks for the support.

Special thanks to Melanie at ModernTypography , she was a joy to work with and get to know. I've been so impressed by the community of photographers and their blogs. Everyone is SO welcoming and helpful. AND the best part is that their blogs are clever and informative and creative, oh so creative!