Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Everyday Life #6

I don't think  I would describe myself as nostalgic...
BUT, while making my coffee this morning I realized how much I love storing my coffee in a blue bell jar that was my grandmother's. She canned ALOT. I do a little. But it always reminds me of her and how I miss getting the box of jam, or preserved tomato juice that made the BEST bloodies on the planet.

And then on Sunday, I looked out my window to see my little one STOMPING down the driveway with her Romper Stompers. They will forever be Romper Stompers to me because there was a TV show an eternity ago called Romper Room. Think Sesame Street meets Barney. Well, my sister got to be on it (so green with jealousy) but was kicked off because she was told to act like a duck and she insisted on acting like a chicken. Her conciliation was ROMPER STOMPERS! We clomped for YEARS on those things.

So, apparently, I am a bit nostalgic. Probably REALLY so to most people. I don't hold onto it as to feel like it was SO much better then, but I cherish it as a part of what makes me and hopefully my family who we are and what we are "made" of.

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  1. I say give in to nostalgia... such a warm and comforting friend to have around.