Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Soul of an Artist

Does everyone have the ability to be creative they just haven't allowed themselves to find that part of them? OR are some people born with OR without the ability to be creative? I just came from one of those drink and paint places for my daughter's birthday (we drank izzies). They sketch the basics of the painting for you and then an instructor takes you through step by step how to paint whatever painting you may be trying to create. Most of the girls were 10ish and had a pretty good grasp of what was going on.  I watched my 4 (and 3/4 - she made me put that) year old tackling the Hogwarts Express Painting (not a beginner piece). She was doing amazing. Following the guide and following directions. Then I took my eyes away for a second and she had gone nuts! She followed some inner-voice and her Hogwarts Express became this unique abstract of a train. It's amazing and it got me wondering about creativity. 

I've always believed that everyone can be creative. You may need to practice a bit and figure out how to allow yourself to be creative, but everyone can be creative in  their own unique way. Watching my daughter made me realize, YES everyone can be creative but there are those innately talented people that are creative in spite of themselves. They can't help it. My daughter held it in as long as she could and then she HAD to let it out. I wish all parents would give their kids, or themselves for that matter, the chance to let it out, some really incredible things seem to happen when you do.

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  1. I loved reading this, Heather. Brilliant work! Mom got me watercolor lessons with local legend Terri Ruth when I was your daughter's age. I still remember those hours and it launched a lifetime of loving art and artists.