Friday, October 14, 2011

Favorite Things #2

This is a really amazing car by PLAYSAM. It's a "kids" toy, BUT it's sleek and cool and feels so great in  your hands.

This PLAYSAM Streamliner Formula 1 car in black designed by PLAYSAM Sweden and crafted in wood is a great gift for anyone aged 3 - 93. Comes beautifully packaged in an elegant gift box.  

I'm in the process of buying my dream camera and after seeing the amazing "camera wall" in my blog posted yesterday (Surround Yourself with Things You Love) I've gotten all nostalgic. I still have my first camera, Canon AE-1 Program, that was given to me for my 10th birthday to take my first trip to England and Scotland with my grandparents. I love it. The feel of it. The look of it. Even just the thought of it. So, yes I'm SO EXCITED about my new camera, but I have a love and passion for my good old friend, the film camera. If you are just learning to create images I would highly recommend an old school film camera to really understand how it all works together and appreciate the beauty of it.

As fall is all around us I pulled out my fall favorite nail polish. It's a chameleon. It doesn't look like anything special, sort of brown a little grey, BUT put it on with purple and it is transformed to an amazing silver grey. Or a lush brown with a chocolate brown sweater. Or khaki-ish with a great beige or white. I've even gotten my Florida Mother who has had coral colored nails as long as I can remember to take the leap. She LOVES it!!!

My last favorite is more of a DREAM list item. I am IN LOVE with these boots. They are so hip and cool and completely impractical that you MUST love them. By Hasbeen

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