Monday, October 10, 2011

Exploring your Talents and Encouraging your Passions

OK, let me go on record and put it out there, my kids don't play soccer. Yes, they'll kick a ball around and the four year old can ALMOST catch it most of the time but we don't have three to four days a week committed to soccer or anything else for that matter. They dance, the eldest is a bit more serious so she's a two to three hour a weeker, that's it. I try not to schedule more than I have to because the week seems to fill up just fine on it's own. By having the time open we are available and open to the idea of trying something new and different. 

Saturday I took my nine year old to a cupcake decorating class. She wants to own a bakery and I thought she might need to know how to bake for that to succeed. She has decided, and I tend to agree, that baking and dance are her "talents". We'll see if that translates to a passion in later life...
Here's a little peek at our day.
First, you mix icing for colors and practice (please excuse the picture quality. I was using my VERY old phone)

Then you get to create 6 cupcakes and put them in a very professional looking carrier to take home.

It was such a great day and reinforced what I know but sometimes forget, that your kids just want to explore and experience. And if that can happen with you along side of them, ALL THE BETTER!
Keep an eye out for "V" Designs Bake Shop, she may just take the world by storm!

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