Friday, July 22, 2011

Long live the Disposable Underwater Camera

We just returned from a vacation in Florida with my parents, sister and three nephews, and my daughters. The first leg of vacation was at Sanibel Island, FL. Great little area on the west coast of FL just south of Ft Myers. It's days full of beach, pool, games, fishing, shelling and lots of sun! The kids ages range from 11 down to 4. All can swim and love to! While doing THE grocery run when we got to the beach I came across the disposable underwater camera. Promptly purchased five of them and off they went to record their day. They love the freedom and novelty of taking pictures underwater and I love to see what they feel is important to document. I won't show you the full 150 images but here are my top favs. 


All images in this posting are from my two daughters and three nephews with the timeless underwater disposable camera!

My favorite part of the whole experience was their fascination with the negatives when I got them developed. They didn't know what they were! WOW times change fast... sometimes not for the better. Don't get me wrong digital is amazing... but my love for film photography runs deep. I must begin my education of the joy of film photography to  my artistic offspring after I unpack.


  1. how fun, these turned out great

  2. Good job with the post!! The clicks are really awesome!
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