Monday, June 27, 2011


We all get in the habit of life. We get up about the same time, we accomplish the things that need completed and we have the end of evening route. The summertime should be the time to let those routes go slack, at least a little bit. Lay in bed and read for a half hour before you have to be moving. Eat popcorn for breakfast. Stay up playing board games AND read the weekend paper that tells what fun stuff is happening in the next week... and go to some of them.

I've lived in Charlotte for almost 7 years and I had never been to the Summertime Symphony Series at the VERY cool amphitheater. There is a huge grassy area that you can bring blanket and chairs and food and a bottle of wine. I've heard about it and it just never came into my consciousness when thinking what to do on Sunday night. That weird habit thing...

Last night we were invited to go with a group of WONDERFUL friends, some new friends, some old friends and it was GREAT. It was the Big Band Theme night and it was just perfect. Now it will definitely be part of our "summer habits" that we look forward to every summer. 

WHat do you do with your wine when you need to clap?! Thanks for the demo

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