Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dophins RULE!

OK, you will have to indulge me this boisterous enthusiasm with a shout out to the Park Crossing Dolphins  Swim Team. Today marked the start of a six week long phenomenon in Charlotte ( and I assume many suburbias across the country), the neighborhood swim league season. My daughter will practice daily through the rest of June with one to two swim meets at neighboring communities a week. It's all for a race against the clock and in her group it takes about 22 seconds to swim 25 meters... and it's AWESOME. To hear the cheers of encouragement for the little kid that is actually doing breast stroke BACKWARDS until he FINALLY touches the wall, see the sense of pride spread across their faces when they finish with a 2 second better time than last week, and jumping out of their skin to encourage their teammate to swim a little bit faster because they are neck and neck with the swimmer next to them; It's encouraging and simple and so much fun.

I never thought I'd feel this way. I was the little sister of a swimmer and got carted all over Florida to sit in the heat and watch other people swim for an entire weekend. Up until two years ago REALLY not a fan! Boy have I changed my tune. I draw the line at writing "Eat My Bubbles" anywhere on my daughter's body, but I'll let her write it on her best friend!

OH, and we won our very first meet today! Go DOLPHINS!

 across the lanes 2011

pull 2011

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